My favorite shirt that I bought from FlyBarre ties in the back and says J’adore Barre. Growing up I was a gymnast/Allstar cheerleader and always had tons of upper body & core strength. During my college years I became extremely lazy and my fitness routine became non existent. Once I graduated and moved to NYC I decided to get back into a workout regimen by signing up for Pure Barre. I figured my first barre class would be a piece of cake, it was most definitely NOT!

My first class ever I was counting down the seconds for class to be over. The class begins with a warmup that has Jane Fonda aerobic movements following ab conditioning and then a 2 minute plank. I made it through only 30 seconds of the plank with my tush twerked up the whole time; the instructor came over to me and tried to show me how to “tuck my tailbone” and bring my chest forward for proper form.

I desperately wanted to cry and walk out following the warmup, but I forced myself to stay. The remainder of the class was a major struggle, but I was proud of myself for not giving up. Looking back I can honestly say that the pain is temporary and the gains are long term and well worth it.

2 years later I still find barre class challenging, but I have really grown to love it. I consistently go to 2-3 classes a week and, always feel well accomplished by being challenged and getting my ass kicked! Also, by staying consistent with Barre class I have become much more flexible, my posture has improved & I have gotten a lot stronger both physically and mentally. I can thank the burns and quivers from barre class for all of that!



This Ass kicking cardio workout starts off as a dance party and then breaks into light weight sculpting incorporating sliders, which give incredible results!

Created by Megan Roup, a former Brooklyn Nets Dancer, It has everything you need to stay long and lean in less than an hour. Music drives the class as you move to the beat. Come ready, leave sweaty!

Started at PROJECT BY EQUINOX and now offered at most NYC Equinox clubs.

Sculpt society sliders

Sculpt society sliders